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Five Times Pay Slots: A Unique Variation of Slots

A famous, exciting and enjoyable game in casinos, slot attracts most gamblers because the mechanics of this gambling game are very simple. Luck is more important in this game than players' gambling skills. Hence, it is necessary that players keep track on their bankrolls to avoid losing big stakes when they play slots in casinos.

Since many players like to play slots in casinos, some of these gaming establishments introduce new and attractive variations of slot machines to lure more gamblers in their gaming flows. One of the unique and interesting variations of slot machines that are popular in live casinos and online casinos today is Five Times Pay Slots. To help those who have interest in playing this slot variation, let us have a closer look at Five Times Pay Slots.

The Unique Feature of Five Times Pay Slots

Manufactured by International Game Technology, Five Times Pay Slots is an attractive slot machine that works on a 3-reel single pay line. An interesting and enthralling feature or characteristic of this slot variation is five times multiplier icons. On a typical game of Five Times Pay Slots, these icons serve as wild symbols.

How Do the Five Times Multipliers Icon Work

The goal of players when they play this thrilling and amusing slot variation is to get at least one five times multiplier icon. When players luckily get one of the jackpot icons, the payouts that they get are five times higher than the original payout. Meanwhile, if they get two five multiplier icons, their payouts are 25 times higher that the original payout. Hence, they get the jackpot prize, if they get three icons on the pay line of the slot machine.

Variations of Five Times Pay Slots

Since many gamblers like to play the slot machine, International Game Technology launches other variations of Five Times Pay Slots. Double Five Times Pay Slots is another interesting variation of the game. It features other multiplier icons such as two times, four times, 10 times and 25 times.

Aside from Double Five Times Pay Slots, players should also try the exciting and popular Five Times Deluxe Slots. This slot variation has a game play similar to Five Times Pay Slots. Hence, other special features of Five Times Deluxe Slots are the jackpot movable reels.

With all the unique and special features of Five Times Pay Slots, the slot machine is definitely one of the most visited slot variation in casinos. To maximize the opportunities in this game, it is essential that gamblers place the maximum bet. On the other hand, to those who only want to play the game for fun, it is important that they monitor their bankrolls well to prevent themselves from losing big amount of money.


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