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Playing Online Slots the Safe Way

Slot machines are also called "one-armed bandits" and whether it's fair or not, some people get the feeling of getting "robbed" after playing slots. Actually, slots has some of the best payout rates around, so it seems that the one-armed bandit moniker does not really reflect its true characteristics.

The payout percentages of land-based slot machines range from 70% to 98%. Online casinos offer better rates of 95-98%. So if you play online slots you can expect to get back about $95 for every $100 you spend in the long term. Not exactly a kind of robbery that some people think about.

Online slots casinos can offer better payouts than land-based casinos because they have lower operational and overhead costs. So if you are thinking about earning some cool cash playing the slot machines, you should definitely go for online slots which are more generous than their land-based counterparts.

You might also be wondering if online slots are fair and that you will not get shafted if you play on the Internet. Reports of some fraudulent online casinos robbing unsuspecting gamblers of their hard-earned money should be some cause of concern. However, if you are cautious about your choice of online casinos, there's no reason to worry about such practices.

How about Random Number Generators or RNG? Online slot machines use RNGs which determine the randomness of the game so that the results are based on pure chance. The RNG tries to imitate the randomness of the real spinning wheel through software programs. Since Random Number Generators are computer-based, people might ask if such systems are reliable and not prone to human intervention and manipulation.

Although there's no guarantee that results of online slots games are totally fair, you can choose to play in online casinos that have a reputation for honesty and integrity. Reliable online casinos have their games inspected, reviewed and tested by independent standards institutions. An honest online casino offering fair online slots games would be proud to place the third party inspector or reviewer's logo on their websites to assure their integrity.

So if you are looking for a safe and honest place to play online slots, search for online casinos that have their systems scrutinized by independent reviewers. You deserve to know if the online casino's RNG is dependable and reliable so that you don't feel robbed or cheated when you play online slots.

Just like in brick-and-mortar casinos, there's no guarantee that you'll become a winner with online slots. But playing in online slots gives you better odds and more chances of winning than playing in real slot machines. That reason alone should motivate you to play in online slots casinos rather than in land-based establishments.


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